Expertise born from experience

Our firm uses over 35 years of experience in assisting divorce attorneys across the country in dividing tax-qualified (public and private, defined benefit and defined contribution) retirement plans by preparing qualified domestic relations orders or other appropriate orders.


When requested, we also provide extensive consultation services to lawyers needing assistance in drafting separation agreements or clarifying sophisticated pension and retirement issues. On request, we can prepare the paperwork needed to divide non-qualified IRAs as well.


We provide high-level legal services and consultation. We are not actuaries and do not do hypothetical valuations (we can refer you to actuaries who do that). Where both parties hire our firm jointly, we act strictly as a neutral.


A simple four-step procedure:


  • Upon undertaking a new QDRO, we collect all the needed information, prepare a draft for both sides to review and correct, if necessary (assuming both sides have hired us jointly)
  • submit a draft to the plan administrator for pre-approval as to form
  • make any changes the administrator requests
  • provide the parties with a draft QDRO ready to be signed by the judge and implemented by the plan.