Attorney Carol Nesson produces QDROs to assist attorneys and other professionals with the division of retirement plan assets in the context of domestic relations proceedings.

The term “QDRO” stands for Qualified Domestic Relations Order. A QDRO is a special type of court order that divides retirement plan benefits between parties in a dissolution or legal separation.

QDROs are required by federal laws that prohibit a retirement plan from assigning benefits to anyone other than the plan participant. The QDRO is required so that the plan does not violate the anti-assignment rule by distributing benefits to the non-participant spouse.

Retirement plans and the rules governing them are complex and constantly changing. There are a variety of plans – each containing its own specific requirements and unique features. For a QDRO to be valid, it must meet specific requirements under the law and must address the specific retirement plan.

Because of these specific requirements, many family law attorneys refer their clients to an attorney specializing in drafting QDROs to ensure accuracy, reduce risk, and minimize cost.

If you want the best for your client, you want a QDRO drafted by Carol Nesson.


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